Beginning as an assistant engineer at London’s Soho Studios in 2005, Kevin was mentored by Joe Fields and trained initially as a mix engineer, working with a plethora of the UK’s most talented engineers and producers such as Mati Schwartz (Kylie Minogue), Guy Katsav (Laura Marling), Brendon Harding (Jessie Ware), Ash Howes (Ellie Goulding) & Al Shux (Jay-Z). Subsequently, Kevin engineered sessions at other distinguished institutions such as Metropolis Studios, The Engine Room, Assault & Battery 2 and Angel Studios. This was followed by a stint as the MD for Virgin act Alessi’s Ark featuring members of Mumford & Sons and King Charles. Working from Convent Garden’s Inflight Studios, Kevin became one of the UK’s leading analogue tape specialists, consulting on some of the most high-profile re-issues of the 2000s such as The Sound of The Smiths, New Order: The Factory Years, and alongside Tim Wheeler on The Best of Ash. In the last few years, Kevin has established himself as an integral part of many of the UK’s A&R departments providing on-demand assistance, expertise and a broad skill-set catered to the heterogeneous nature of the music industry.

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